What does “scenario-based and interactive content” mean?

Did we just use “scenario” and “interactivity” in the same sentence? Whoa!

No need to panic though. We have a blast doing it. So will you!

We first create a story as we’re designing our digital trainings. It sometimes takes places in space, sometimes in an unknown company, sometimes even in the desert! Then, we develop these never-been-used stories, and create a storyboard. Next, we put interactivity in action so that the story is even more gripping, and boom!

What we mean by interaction is not simply clicking a next button. Rather, we directly involve you in the training. So much so that you take the character to the next level, and you assign the tasks. Based on your decisions, you change the flow of the training.

By the way, don’t forget to move the arrows on the alien above to left and right. 😊