Hey there! I am Revize. And my name literally means “revision”.

Just like my peeps at Digitallica say, I am more than a mascot for them. Or at least, they make me feel that way :)

I sleep a lot, eat a lot, laugh a lot, and in my remaining time I perform my actual task, which is reviewing the revisions you requested for your projects. Actually, it’s not like I have much free time :)

If you’re wondering why they named me Revize, apparently the biggest fear of companies like ours is revision. They named me after it so that we could turn this around. I have been their mascot ever since.

I do feel loved a lot though, that’s a fact. They call me up for every photoshoot, and I always get the last slices of cake at the office. In fact, they told me they are going to post the subjects I meticulously pondered over to their social media as well. What more would a Revize want really?

If you wish to get to know me better, you are always welcome at our office. I unfortunately don’t have a desk, but you can see me all over the office at any time.

I have to have my beauty sleep around these hours, so I am off to the meeting room.

Have the greatest day folks!

Your Revize