In the industries where the competition rages on, large quantities of products must meet the customers in the shortest time possible. This means a comprehensive planning, design, and implementation process for the L&D departments of the companies that have a large number of distributors, branches, and products. It may take up to a year for some new information to spread throughout the country.

On the other hand, customers come to stores informed about the products they want to buy. This is why, it is now crucial that employees are always one step ahead of them.

With the product trainings that we design using different technologies, you can present all features of a product to all your distributor and branch employees at the same time, and at the same standard. As a result of working closely with our clients, we have our trainings ready before the product release, and help all sales and support teams get ready for service with the launch.

For us, product trainings are not just trainings that explain the features of a product. We cover the subject from all aspects that can support the sales; such as how the product will be presented to the customers, how it makes a difference, and its position in the competition.

Sample Work

Arçelik / Beko


Arçelik / Beko

Washing Machine

Arçelik / Beko

AR Product Training Application


T50 Device Training