Occupational Safety & Health from Home

Target Audience:

Those who work, or can work from home.


Providing employees a healthy and safe working environment while working from home; specifying occupational accidents and work-related diseases that can occur at home – and even eliminating them; informing employees about their legal rights and obligations; forming appropriate behavior by raising awareness regarding occupational risks, measures to take against such risks as well as overall occupational health and safety.


Raising awareness of employees who work, or can work from home regarding occupational health & safety and the risks they may encounter, and forming appropriate behavior against such risks.


  • Through interactive case studies;
    • Information regarding work legislation and related responsibilities,
    • Work accidents, work-related diseases, and measures to take,
    • Workplace hygiene and organization at home,
    • Physical and ergonomic risk factors,
    • First aid,
    • Negative impacts of tobacco products and passive effects,
    • Measures to take during an earthquake, preparing an earthquake
    • Potential dangers in each section of the house and measures to take (i.e. kitchen, bathroom, hall, garden, parking lot…)


45 mins.