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With Open Sesame, creating and managing your corporate training program is as easy as making a list!

We are aware that no two companies share the same training needs. This is why, instead of offering the same training packages to everyone, we aim to maximize the benefits of e-learning through personalized training programs aligned with your needs.

OpenSesame helps you choose the best curation of courses for your company; easily integrate them into your LMS, and hence increase the use of e-learning tools of your employees.

OpenSesame offers a comprehensive catalog of over 20,000 courses from the world’s top publishers, meticulously curated for your company and workforce. From Hygiene Training to Occupational Health & Safety, the catalog consists of numerous titles suitable for your training needs.

You can easily integrate OpenSesame into your corporate LMS, and offer the content through your own platform. Your employees can start training right away in a familiar environment, and can also access content from any mobile device.

To introduce the world’s most liked content to your employees, all you need to do is to contact Digitallica!