Mentorship Training

Target Audience

All individuals that can benefit from a Mentorship Program as a Mentor or Mentee can participate this training (e.g. managers, manager candidates, leaders, all employees interested in self-development).


– Learning the roles and responsibilities of the mentor and the mentee during the mentoring process,
– Understanding the importance of the process as a mutual development-oriented relationship,
– Mistakes made during the process,
– Reinforcing the roles of the mentor and the mentee through interactions,
– Managing the mentoring process.


This mentorship training aims to enable the employees participating in an in-house mentoring program as mentors or mentees to understand the concept of mentorship, and to gain the knowledge and skills that will help them benefit from the process in the most effective way.


– What is mentorship?
– What are the benefits of mentorship?

– Who can be a mentor?
– What are the expectations from a mentor during the process?
– What is the role of the mentor during the process?
– What qualities does a good mentor possess?
– What are the common mistakes mentors make during the process?

– Who can be a mentee?
– What do you need to consider while choosing a mentor?
– What are the expectations of mentors from their mentees?

The Mentorship Process
– Mentor-Mentee Pairing
– The first meeting and establishing a roadmap
– What are some tips regarding the process for mentors and mentees?
– Mentorship interviews
– Recommendations for mentors
– Recommendations for mentees
– Activities that can be used during the process and action suggestions
– What should mentors and mentees consider for effective listening?

Available Languages

English, French


60 mins.