Protecting Mental Health During Times of Change

Target Audience:

All individuals going through, or about to go through a change.


It is important to take care of our mental health as well as our physical health during a period of global change that the entire world follows with uncertainty. If you think about the negative impact of stress on the physical resilience as well as the immune system, the effect of protecting your mental health on disease prevention is undeniable.

During times of changing conditions and uncertainty, the psychological state of individuals faces many stress factors. In this training, you will find tips to stay mentally well during periods of change and how to go through this period more comfortably.

For the First Time Ever – A Training that Offers Personalized Suggestions!!!

In addition to offering common knowledge and suggestions for all participants, this training offers personalized content for each participant – The training is differentiated based on participant psychological needs.

By filling out the scientific psychological assessment scale included in this training, you will be able to get personalized comments and suggestions.


– Understanding your psychological reactions during a period of change,
– Recognizing the stress factors of the change period,
– Suggestions to increase your psychological resilience, and go through this period with minimal impact,
– A personalized scientific assessment of your psychological state, and suggestions.


35 mins.