There are ideal times for learning, too.


Did you know there are the ideal time frames optimal for learning?

Scholars looking into optimal learning times mention that effective learning occurs between 07-11 AM. This is when hormones stimulating wakefulness, such as cortisol, reach their peak.

These hours have been proven to be the most productive for planning, organizing, and constructive ideation. However, they will surely differ for each individual. Here are some tips to find out your own optimal time frames:

  1. Notice the hours that your comprehension level is at its peak as well as the hours you’re struggling.
  2. Follow a regular sleep schedule since your brain will be well-rested for the next two hours after you wake up.
  3. Your hormones will get to work after eating, so nutrition is essential.

Here’s the cherry on top: Because your brain opens up the long term memory channels between 4-6 PM, your attention levels will rise. This is why, the topics you discuss, the meetings you hold, or the reviews you do between these hours will be efficient and productive.

Worth a shot, right?