Leaders’ Emergency Kit: Leadership Tips in VUCA

Target Audience:

All corporate professionals in management roles (e.g. managers, supervisors, team leaders…)


  • Tips for managing your team remotely,
  • How to recognize your emotions and needs as well as your team’s,
  • The relationship between stress, anxiety, and team performance,
  • Connecting with your team during difficult times,
  • How to turn challenges into opportunities with your team
  • Guiding your team’s professional and personal development
  • Ekibinizin mesleki ve kişisel gelişimine rehberlik etme
  • “Even if we are apart, we are together because we are a team!”
  • My team and I on the first day


Familiarizing leaders with the following concepts:

How you can better lead your team during difficult times, how can you take the right steps with your team, and how you can get ready for the future with your team.


20 mins.