Image Management in Professional Life

Target Audience

All individuals involved in professional life


When you think about “Professional Image”, do you only think about dressing nicely, or communicating effectively?

Now is time to set aside these common perceptions, and learn new concepts about your image in your professional life!


This training aims to (re)create employee image not only during working hours, but in their entire professional life.


Are you ready to embark on this professional image journey with Özlem Sökmen, where she shares her experiences supported by her incredible commentary?

What do we have in this training for you?

  • The importance of first impressions in professional life
  • How your clothing choice affects your image
  • What is poor image management?
  • Things you should pay attention to in e-mails, meetings, on the phone, and during business dinners
  • Tips for social media use while managing your professional image


50 mins.