Basic Hygiene Training

Target Audience:

All audiences involved in professional life.


This training includes several important hygiene guidelines we need to follow in our work environment, especially regarding personal hygiene.


Employees taking care of their own health will ensure that their family members, colleagues and customers are also in healthy and hygienic environments.


  • Basic Hygiene Concepts,
  • Fundamentals of Microbiology,
    • Viruses, bacteria, fungi
    • How they transmit and types of treatment
  • Basics of Personal Hygiene and Why It Matters,
  • How to Properly Wash Your Hands,
  • Differences between Disinfection, Sterilization, and Sanitation,
  • New Hygiene Conditions for Office Workers,
  • Hygiene Guidelines to Follow in Common Areas (e.g. Dining Halls, Cafeterias, Resting Lounges),
  • New Hygiene Guidelines to Follow for Warehouse & Factory Workers during the “New Normal”,
  • Personal Protective Equipment Suitable for All Environments and How to Use Them,
  • Hygiene Guidelines to Follow Outside of Working Spaces.


45 mins.