General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Training

Target Audience

Natural persons who have their personal data processed (All individuals)


With the Personal Data Protection Law, it is aimed to prevent the violation of personal rights as a result of collecting personal data, making it accessible to unauthorized persons, disclosure and misuse of it or malicious intent. With this training, not only will you have detailed knowledge regarding the contents of the regulation, the terms of protection, and administrative and criminal sanctions, but also concepts such as Personal Data, Sensitive Personal Data, Relevant Person, Data Processor, Data Controller, Clarification Text, and Open Consent.


Informing all individuals about the basic rules and principles set forth by GDPR, learning and adopting the legal rights and freedoms against possible legal issues.


Through interactive case studies;

  • Basic concepts regarding GDPR
  • The content of GDPR and data protection conditions
  • Rights and responsibilities of the relevant people
  • Open consent and the cases where they aren’t needed
  • Obligation to clarify
  • Sensitive personal data
  • Importance of data security
  • Exceptions within the scope of regulation
  • Application process to commitee and results
  • Prison sentences and administrative fines in the case of committing the crimes stipulated by the regulation


40 min.