For years, onboarding has been the nightmare of training departments everywhere. However, introducing your organization to excited newcomers shouldn’t be such a boring thing to do. Flawed design of content, and cliché approaches to design result in carbon-copied onboarding experiences.

Most onboarding implementations consist of department presentations, but we approach the matter differently while digitalizing it.

Onboarding is not solely an introduction of a department. It is an induction training to a complete ecosystem, during which an organization’s main field of activity is explained with all of its components. Even before the department introductions, there are many critical issues and messages to convey to the participants before they start working. As we gamify these business acumen concepts, we create our designs with inspiration from the business methods of the industry the company operates in as well as its dynamics.

Since the day Digitallica was founded, thanks to this perspective, we have brought the gamified orientation trainings of many companies to life, and we continue with the new projects.

Sample Work

LC Waikiki Onboarding

Anadolu Group Onboarding

Çelebi Onboarding

Vakıf Katılım Onboarding

Çelik Motor Onboarding