Feedback for Development

Target Audience

All audiences involved in professional life.


There are several nuances to pay attention while giving feedback in the workplace. This training touches on these points for a more effective feedback process.


– Understanding the concept of feedback as of the most important factors of Learning Agility,
– Comprehending that not only a feedback from a manager, but also feedback between colleagues is the most valuable development tool,
– Familiarizing yourself with the practical approaches to give feedback comfortably.


  • Why feedback? The importance of 360° feedback
  • What is positive and constructive feedback?
  • The relationship between learning agility and feedback
  • Receiving feedback: Self-awareness and making connections
  • Feedback and managing toxic behavior
  • Feedback through observation, emotions, and strategy
  • Coaching skills to be developed to give feedback: listening, reflecting, asking powerful questions
  • Powerful questions
  • STAR and COIN methods
  • Making feedback fun
  • Feedforward as a proactive approach
  • Roleplaying practices
  • Case analyses on correct and poor feedback


45 mins.