Scenario-based and Interactive Content

You are sick and tired of spamming the “Next” button like a zombie in traditional e-learning screens, aren’t you? So are we!

Stories have always managed to pique people’s interest. When we design our digital trainings, we fully leverage the power of stories.

By building unique narratives based on the training content, we help you understand the presented information faster, and retain it for longer periods of time.

Gamified Scenarios

We are firm believers of the power of games. With the inspiration we draw from the children inside of us, we build our trainings on game scenarios. This way, we not only help your users make the most of training, but we also increase their motivation with the satisfaction they get from succeeding.

As Digitallica, we have provided – and keep providing – our clients with numerous gamified projects for intensive and lengthy content; such as onboarding trainings.

Different Technologies and Methods

We do not approach technology as a fetish like others do. We are passionate about providing new technologies to the masses in the form of educational tools, and we are as meticulous as we are passionate. We do not offer a certain technology as a solution unless we believe it is “ripe enough” :)

Some technologies we commonly use include interactive videos, simulations, AR-VR, game engines, and 3D animations.

Production in Different Languages

To this day, we have delivered fully translated trainings with accompanying voiceover in different languages and alphabets; such as Arabic, English, Georgian, German, Hindu, Hungarian, Romanian, and Russian.

For language versioning, we go beyond captioning: We recreate the entire training from start to finish based on the desired language. This way, your users in different countries are able to have a thorough digital learning experience in their own language.

Sample Work

Türk Telekom: Basics of Mobile Communication

Garanti BBVA: Environment Management Systems

Garanti BBVA: Basics of Economy

Media Markt: Omnichanneling

Arçelik / Beko: Store Arrangement Game

Koton: Sales Training