Competency-Based Interview Techniques

Target Audience:

For all professionals who are involved in hiring processes. This training is suitable for Human Resources specialists, team managers, manager candidates, or anyone interested in self-development.


This training includes why and how competency-based interviews are conducted, and their objective outcomes.


This training enables professionals involved in hiring processes to accurately detect qualities required for a position (e.g. competency, responsibility, skills…) during interviews with candidates. Additionally, compared to traditional ones, competency-based interviews aim to collect more accurate and more objective information about candidate personality and the way they work.


  1. Resume review and selecting suitable resumes,
  2. Preparations before the interview,
  3. Reading resumes during the interview and asking questions,
  4. What to do before, during, and after an interview,
  5. What not to do during the interview
  6. What is competency?
  7. Asking questions: STAR Method and how to apply it


40 mins.