Gather around folks, we’re brainstorming!

Did you know that the first organized meeting that used the brainstorming technique was held in 1938?

However, it wasn’t easy for it to make its way into literature. An advertising executive, Alex Osborn mentioned “brainstorming” in his book Applied Imagination (1953), and that’s how the term took place among creative thinking techniques – after a whole 15 years passed since the first “storm”!

What is the purpose of brainstorming, though?

The purpose is to encourage your team members to come up with new ideas, and creating new alternatives using their contributions. This quality makes brainstorming a very effective method to come up with solutions about any topic, in any setting where decisions are made.

If you gathered around to do some brainstorming, but it didn’t work, here are some tips to follow:

1- Write down the topic in detail.
2- List your goals.
3- Use induction. If it doesn’t work, try deduction.
4- Break the topic into pieces (either by person, or by sections).

5- 5W1H is always a great idea!