Who Are We?

Digitallica began their operations in August 2015, and quickly became one of the youngest and fastest growing digital training agencies of the industry. Our corporation has set off with custom content design which is especially in demand. In time, we began expanding our solutions.

As Digitallica, we take great pleasure in providing you with custom digital trainings while managing the creative production process from end to end :)

As we design these trainings, we continue advancing forward with our award-winning perspective. Unlike the “zombie learning” programs derived from PowerPoint presentations, we focus on adapting digital trainings to the emerging expectations and habits of evolving user experiences.

After a user finishes a great video game, they cannot help but look for the same visual quality and the depth of narrative in the digital trainings they encounter. Unless you can provide a rich experience and a modern design to them, the effect on learning may unfortunately be negative no matter how valuable your content is.

Our Awards

Our Logo

It is possible to look at the same thing and see different things. Perceiving what is beyond sight, on the other hand, is only possible through deepening our knowledge.

Our new logo design is inspired by the difference between looking and seeing. Each letter that makes up Digitallica is visualized using the figure-ground relationship, and the legibility was constructed as a result of an experience ranging from looking to seeing.

Here’s the summary of Digitallica’s approach to digital trainings: going past what is perceived at first sight, and focusing on experience outcomes by means of user experience and interaction.

Because as Digitallica, we create our designs using new generation technologies in order to create a human-centered interactive experience instead of a plain narrative.

Meet Revize!

Hey there! I am Revize. And my name literally means “revision”.

Just like my peeps at Digitallica say, I am more than a mascot for them. Or at least, they make me feel that way :)

I sleep a lot, eat a lot, laugh a lot, and in my remaining time I perform my actual task, which is reviewing the revisions you requested for your projects. Actually, it’s not like I have much free time :)

If you’re wondering why they named me Revize, apparently the biggest fear of companies like ours is revision. They named me after it so that we could turn this around. I have been their mascot ever since.

I do feel loved a lot though, that’s a fact. They call me up for every photoshoot, and I always get the last slices of cake at the office. In fact, they told me they are going to post the subjects I meticulously pondered over to their social media as well. What more would a Revize want really?

If you wish to get to know me better, you are always welcome at our office. I unfortunately don’t have a desk, but you can see me all over the office at any time.

I have to have my beauty sleep around these hours, so I am off to the meeting room.

Have the greatest day folks!

Your Revize