Fact: Our brain is lazy. It likes spending less effort while learning and processing information.

Say, there is this training you need to complete, but you just have so much work to do. And quite frankly, you are almost sure this “training” will be a compilation of next buttons. How likely are you to actually retain this information?

Compared to solely reading or listening, our interest is way more likely to be sustained in video-animation trainings. However, not all animations provide the desired effect all the time. As we design our 2D and 3D animations, we focus on the learning outcomes first, and then start building the structure of the scenario. In the last phase, we weave this content into visuals akin to Pixar in quality, and present it to your employees.

As Digitallica, we deliver our motion graphic animations to you either by itself, or in SCORM format. If desired, we can also help you measure the outcomes through the questions we add in between these videos.

Sample Work

Nestlé Sales Training

İş Yatırım Warrants Trainings

LC Waikiki Onboarding

Türk Telekom NFV Training

Çelebi Onboarding